Power of the Gospel

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  • Production : Calnin Media
  • Written by : JesseShane
  • Music by : Bright City Studios
  • Production : Calnin Media
  • Written by : JesseShane
  • Music by : Bright City Studios

This is a love story written and planned for an eternal gloryv

From the beginning of time You - were on my mind

and I knew, one day, that I would be yours and that you would be mine

I choose you from the foundations of the earth I choose you from the very day - you were birth While you were in sin - I counted your worth I chose to give myself up - just to cover your hurt

I am the Lord Almighty - and no other will you serve You will trust in my heart - and cling to my Word Death can not hold you - my blood has made sure This world will disown you - but you must endure

Soon I will come and I will settle the score Will you be ready - will you be pure Hear that I'm knocking - I stand at the door Those receive me - remember the orphans and poor

And this is my story of love as it pours to the lost and the broken - the mocked - and the scorn This story of love can heal all those who weep and who morn The story of love is like a powerful horn

Sounding the trumpet - The veil has been torn Shout out with power - the sound of the reborn Thru the streets and the fields - to the citys and hills My powerful love is a power so real

giving sight to the blind - turning water to wine These works you will do - and even greater than I For now is your time - For you to arise Come to me my beauty - Let you light shine

Let all the world see - that you been set free You are in love KING OF ALL KINGS You are in Love with ME

This is a story of matrimony A story of Love - of eternal Glory This is the good news

This is our testimony