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  • Production : Calnin Media
  • Written by : JesseShane
  • Music by : Bright City Studios
  • Production : Calnin Media
  • Written by : JesseShane
  • Music by : Bright City Studios

If you were to ask me who I am Then I would ask you to observe - where I spend my time And like a tree planted by the river draped with leaves and vines If you judged me by my fruit then you would understand my mind

Make me RICH! Make me Famous! This world was made for the strong The poisonous venom seeps for the serpents song and lures his prey by a powerful lie - mixed with lust and with pride they proclaim themselves Gods - living forever and never to die

Even some who claim to be brothers pervert the truth calling right what is wrong making light of this time their a spirited throng they eat and they drink - with their lips they repeat “take comfort and sleep” so silent the serpent now creeps they just keep .... singing along

Unaware of whats near - they judge a day for a year Calloused yet cavalier - they trade their prayer for a beer for a shout and a cheer - tell me again what I wish now to hear They settle for less because consumed with personal affairs Their Only the truth is - that they - truly - don’t - care

and like a thief in the night He came as a friend - not as a stranger An angel of light with the power to save us from despair and from danger

If every minute were a dollar in this life we’re forced to spend then each day we pay homage with every moment that were in

An hour of our health - we be working on my fitness Gotta grab a bite to eat - something real delicious vs something thats nutritious

Eight hours for our wealth - cuz we’re cursed to make that business Now Im choosing how to spend its a civic and a lexus a condo with a view or mansion made for Texas

All the things we need vs All the things we want All the things we learn vs All the things were taught All the gifts we gave vs All the gifts we bought All the time that we loved vs all the times....... we’ve fought

I and I alone.... build upon the sand or I build upon the stone And If you asked me who I am I would point you to my home

In the center of my heart is a garden that I grown where the thief can not rob me - what the killers can not own You can take away cash - you can bust and break my bones You could lock me in a cage - you could heap on burning coals

Death and all His Angels thrashing with many blows You can persecute my flesh but you never touch my soul Nor take the moment when I stand before the throne My Father who art in Heaven - has made a place for me called home

You see I finally understand what it takes to be great to sacrifice everything I ever wanted for another’s sake whats real vs whats fake - this is the test we must take we’ll crush the head of the snake with the heal of our faith

When we sing and shout Christ Jesus is Here - And Im saying proud Christ Jesus is Here - the time right is Now To no other King will my knees ever bow I pledge me my alliance to His Blood and His Crown