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  • Production : Calnin Media
  • Written by : JesseShane
  • Music by : Bright City Studios
  • Production : Calnin Media
  • Written by : JesseShane
  • Music by : Bright City Studios

What is the cure to an infectious disease What if the symptoms out number the leaves on the trees The sands of the seas - a man that can't stand is down on his knees He's been hurting so hard he can't even breathe - yah see

we cough and we sneeze We gasp and we wheeze Searching for something that can help us relieve

the pain when we eat - the pain in our speech Our world becomes dark as nothing taste sweet

So we lie and we cheat - we fight for our keep Acting like wolves that devour the weak

but we're a shepardless sheep - to nervous to sleep We act like were perfect while we silently weep

Our sinus bleed - with envy and greed Selfish consumption as we constantly feed We constantly ache we constantly take pills with names that are fake Just let me escape just let me put all of my faith in things that forsake

If I just lost some weight , If I just were in shape, If I just a house and boat on the lake,

Cheap Thrills - move through our body like cold chills We'll Pay with our credit card these bills We're dressed in our best - just to look like success but we need healed Our nation is sick with the sin that will lead us to death And we need healed

We need a - Resurrection injection

He was nailed to a cross just to kill our infection He was beaten and bruised Just to heal our deception He broke the back of depression He knocked teeth out of death when He gave his last breath Then he Rose up from the grave - And screamed "You are no longer slaves!" We are free from your chains From your heart ache and pain Just call on my name His name is Jesus