Production Credits

Copyright © Kadence.tv

  • Director: Heather Shelton
  • Director of Photography: Heather Shelton
  • Executive Producers: Jesse Shane
  • Talent/Beat Poet: Jesse Shane
  • Lyrics: Jesse Shane
  • Lighting/Grip: Ben Coleman, Daniel Crowe, Travis Lynes
  • Set Design/Rigging: Tyler Sloan, Amanda Thompson, Adam Kring
  • Audio Playback: Jackie East
  • Video Editor: Billy Dee
  • Musical Score Composer: Jackie East
  • Audio Editor/Mix: Jackie East
  • Craft Services: Lindsay Rose

a broken dream that a man once had his wife to be - pregnant from another man its not what seems - please take my hand as they flee at night to a distance land

a ordinary path they must now keep no house to have - no place to sleep of all the things our life could be we're laying down with pigs goats and sheep

so funny how this story-s told this ancient past - so long ago for - if today - where would we go all future plans are now unknown

travail in pain - the air grows thin a push - a scream - we lay in sin the sweat runs down - across our skin we clinch our fist - but grasp the wind

a car to drive - a wage to earn a simple life - with scheduled turns a cup of milk - a piece of bread the sheets we stretch across our bed

what simple now - was simple then that woman's place we're some how in forced to push - and push again through the fright on night - when cold steps in when each day begins

the work we did - the day before the work will do - we'll do once more round and round the endless chore the birthing pains of something more

His crested head peeks thru the door His nose and mouth - a mighty roar His hands - His feet - a King is born these Tears of Joy - she sees the Lord

What once was dark - is dark no more What once was lost - what once was poor What once was dashed - is hope restored

a bitter night turns bright with sun light a new day is dawn! so lay still and calm my little doveā€¦.

the day the earth received extraordinary love!