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  • Production : Calnin Media
  • Written by : JesseShane
  • Music by : Bright City Studios

We believe in the overthrowing of darkness and high places, lifting a banner of truth and love, opening eyes, giving sight to the blind, the miraculous. We’ve been given power and authority to overcome hate, with love, fear with faith, depression with hope. The Prince of Peace, the Lord of hosts, the Alpha and Omega stands at the gates of our city, calling out for the children to arise and possess their rightful place as sons and daughters of the Most High. We are not one, we are many. We are not weak, we are strong. We are not afraid, we are bold. Knowing his voice, standing in His purpose, giving our hearts and minds to answer his call, to proclaim His freedom, to announce His victory, to proclaim His glory to a world sick with immorality, poisoned with lies confused, hurting, beaten, broken. We hold the keys to unlocking their prisons. United in love we will shout down the walls of division. Hear the trumpets of mercy blow, a sound of many rushing waters flow, as the marching of feet as into the ends of the earth we go, as ambassadors of the King of Kings we declare: this is our city, this is our nation, we are the children of God. His hands and His feet, His heart and His beat, Jehovah our leader. We are His bride as He races to meet her. We speak a message of greater hope and faith. Ask seek and knock on the doors and the gates. Believe what you ask for the Lord is not fake. He will pour out his riches for his own name’s sake. This is the quest, this is the call, some of us might die, some of us might fall but fear of failure will never stop us from giving our all. Awake all you giants you lions, you lambs. Now is the time, the moment at hand. Glory unveiled as we take back our land. Dream sweet America, no longer will you slumber being seduced by the lies of an unfaithful lover. You will arise to your purpose. You are a queen you are a mother for now is the time to be a light to your sisters and brothers.