Come Home

Production Credits

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  • Director: Adam Kring
  • Director of Photography: Adam Kring
  • Executive Producers: Perry Noble, Shane Duffey, Ken Wilson
  • Talent/Beat Poet: Jesse Shane
  • Lyrics: Jesse Shane
  • Lighting/Grip: Ben Coleman, Daniel Crowe, Travis Lynes
  • Set Design/Rigging: Tyler Sloan, Amanda Thompson, Adam Kring
  • Audio Playback: Travis Lynes
  • Video Editor: Adam Kring
  • Musical Score Composer: Lee McDerment, Austin Booth
  • Audio Editor/Mix: Austin Booth
  • Craft Services: Amanda Thompson

I saw the look in his eyes He was searching for a prize Worthy of his strength Worthy of his life In a World full shiny things hoped that he'd see his name Burning bright -.... up high - in that city night And thats when - He came to me Father won't you give me what is do to me I ma go now - time for me to - get out of this small town Time for me to live - my life - my way - my dreams - its - my - right I - know - that - i gotta dance with in the city and own the night gotta find someone pretty and toast the wine Im gotta live for moment - gotta get whats mine Im gotta live for moment - I gotta shine I stood right beside him as he packed his things I watched him walk out the door with his hopes and dreams I pray my best prayer for him every night I sleep I pray my best prayer for him yet my soul it weeps Day after Day and week after week I can still hear his laugh - I can still hear him speak I remember the day - that I had a son I remember my joy - I remember our fun Weeks turn months and months into years The hope in my thoughts considers the fear wonder he's doing well - maybe he got stuck in jail wonder if he found a girl maybe his been shot and killed I don't know - but I'd give up all my gold Just hold my son again Just let him know that I am his friend put kiss on his cheek and I'd put a crown on his head Just to know that my son ain't dead And if you spent all our gold And your lost and your cold Just come home - He says Just come home - He says Just come home