Production Credits

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  • Director: Jackie East
  • DP: Rodney Eldridge
  • Talent / Lyrics: Jesse Shane
  • Lighting/Grip: Travis Cole
  • Set Design/Rigging: Tyler Kring
  • Video Editor: Adam Smith
  • Musical Score Composer: Jackie East

So many dreams that have yet to be - drum a play on words cuz life was meant to be - fun the difference between the gifted and the mentally insane is that our dreams have traction and the power to change

the ability to make real what - so many - only wish could be this force needs an agent and its name - is you and me its gonna take fuel to drive them tanks overcoming obstacles - we meticulously think

we build plans for the future - until our strategies sync

consistently creating our communities culture - its our indian ink we are those who simply believe reach out your hand touch if you can agree if the eyes of your heart long for the very same things that we see

then our reality - is exactly what we tell it to be Stand up with me as we trade in our monotony There was a time when men thought the earth was flat, philosophy

there was a time when giants ruled the land, monopoly It take courage to defy the odds, consciencily make loud declaration of faith, in which I own with an apostrophe

Yes, those are my words - and Yes thats what I said and as they watched us walk it out - thats exactly what we did

that's exactly how we live and that's exactly who we are staring at whats brilliant as we gaze upon the stars and if you found the path to heaven then you know the path was hard

and if you say that your a champion, then you carry many scars its the proof of who we say we are!

to never make mistakes - is to never dare to raise the bar to never live in faith - is the same fear as hiding in the dark a coward will never make a mark never be a flame - much less - ever provide a spark

So stand up when you hear me sing! Knowing that you're a lion that dares to dream! Knowing that you are the lightning - the fire that screams! Stand up and live like a KING! Stand up and live like a QUEEN!

if you know that you were born for destiny then give all of your heart, your mind and your being let the anthem ignite and we stand up and sing its in only today can we ever live for eternity so welcome….

I'm opportunity